Root to Destruction

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Callum’s world has fallen apart. His mother’s untimely and unexplained death on his fifteenth birthday has left his heart bursting with hurt and anger.

When he himself is mysteriously rescued from almost certain death just weeks later, the events of the hours that follow convince him that grief has driven him insane.

His rescuer; a tiny homeless man who claims to come from an ancient subterranean civilisation, tells fantastical stories of a magical underground world where his people live in harmony with nature, insulated from the constant turmoil of Human life.

Callum, desperate for distraction from his loss, convinces his friends to befriend the strange little creature and help him to return home. 

Nothing could prepare them for where their kindness and curiosity would lead them.

Their ordinary teenage lives fade into distant memory, as they become unwilling pawns in an adventure of deceit and treachery where magic is bought and sold and life is just another potion ingredient.

The future of the subterranean world of Terragaineous is in their hands and success or defeat depends on whether they live or die.